Friday, May 23, 2014

Farewell to Interns!

Today, we say good bye to several more interns, all of whom have helped HSP immensely through their hard work and dedication. Like every parting, it’s always a difficult thing to say farewell to someone who has been a part of the HSP family for some time and our leaving interns will be sorely missed.

            Chase Miller was an intern who worked with Floyd, HSP’s co-founder and CFO in accounting. Chase began as an intern in late January and contributed in a number of different ways at HSP, including even training our new accounting intern, Meridyth, for a week. We would like to thank Chase for all his help and wish him the very best for his future.

            Melinda Hernandez has also been with HSP since January and she had a hand in a number of different projects. Melinda lent her skills both as a writer and an artist assisting HSP on the newsletter and other publications. She also spent time interviewing the needy seniors we serve and writing updates about them. She will be graduating from Elmhurst College and we wish Melinda a bright future in whatever direction she takes her talents to.

            Last but not least, we would like to thank Bridget Everson, who assisted Bridget Dooley at the front desk. Bridget E. was a volunteer prior to joining HSP as an intern and in her time here, she spent the majority of it helping to facilitate the Children’s Birthday Project. Bridget is also the youngest intern that HSP has ever had, as she is graduating high school. We hope to hear good things from her college days ahead!

            Here at HSP, we would like to issue a final thanks to the interns who spent their time helping HSP make a difference in the community. Without their aid, it would have been immensely more difficult to do the things that we do. Thank you again and best of luck on your future!

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