Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HSP’s Two Newest Interns

HSP has recently acquired two new interns that have joined our team for this summer. These two talented, dedicated individuals will be working to help us provide great service to impoverished seniors and children in the area. We are proud to introduce them to you.

First up, we have 20-year-old Ashlee Melda who has traveled all the way from her home state of Virginia to join us. At age thirteen, she moved to her current home all the way from Bloomingdale, IL. Ashlee attends Radford University in Virginia and is majoring in public relations. She is currently living locally with her grandparents for the summer.
            What attracted Ashlee to our organization was her desire to work at a company that makes a difference. She expresses, that even over the phone, the staff at HSP seemed like a very inviting group of people. Ashlee hopes to obtain some serious real-word PR experiences during her time here at HSP. A second goal she wishes to achieve is to become more sociable and personable, and she feels that HSP will help her do that.
            In high school, Ashlee was involved with an art club that did twenty hours of community service. She participated in painting suitcases for needy children and washing cars to earn money for local nursing homes. Seeing a parallel between her volunteerism in high school and HSP’s focus on seniors and children helped her choose the internship opportunity at HSP.
            Outside of her volunteer work, Ashlee enjoys watching TV. Her current favorite show is Game of Thrones. She also spends her time working on fictional stories, and she considers herself a big animal lover. 

The second intern we would like to introduce is 20-year-old Bailey Hicks. She currently attends U of I and is majoring in English. Bailey is interested in working for a non-profit when she graduates, focusing her attention on youth or homeless people. We are happy to have Bailey with us, who makes a very long commute from her hometown of Mundelein in the north suburbs of Chicago.
            Bailey will be assisting Matt this summer with HSP’s grant writing needs. She says that during her previous volunteer experience she learned a little bit about grant writing, which sparked her interest. HSP’s mission additionally aligned with Bailey’s personal values, which further helped solidify her decision in choosing the internship at HSP.
            In addition to getting some good grant writing experience, Bailey hopes to have an overall meaningful experience at HSP, helping and meeting new people. At her college, she worked for an organization called C-U at Home assisting local homeless individuals. Bailey has also worked in a canteen run which provided impoverished people with clothes and food.
            Bailey enjoys watching movies and considers herself a movie buff. Her favorite film is Scarface with Al Pacino. She loves all kinds of music and has taken interest in older jazz tunes, recently listening to artists like Nina Simone. Bailey also enjoys going on bike rides—an activity she hopes to participate in a lot this summer.

            Please join us in welcoming Ashlee and Bailey to HSP!

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