Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wheaton North Vocational Program Volunteers

Today at Humanitarian Service Project (HSP), we had nine students and four teachers come to HSP to help sort non-perishable items for our Feed the Kids (FTK) program. During their time at HSP, the group was able to organize multiple boxes of food that will be distributed to the families we serve. This group was able to stay for an hour and a half to make sure all these boxes were full and ready to go. The teachers that came in today have come numerous times to HSP with different group of kids to provide vocational training to every student that comes through Wheaton North’s Vocational Program. During their time helping HSP, the training these kids receive will help them for the future.

            The Wheaton North Vocational Program leader, Julie Langlas, has been partnering with HSP for 20 years and has worked at every location that Humanitarian Service Project has ever had, starting from Karole and Floyds backyard to our current location in Carol Stream.  Julie has been working with Wheaton North Vocational children to help these kids obtain life skills to obtain jobs when their done with school.

            HSP wishes to thank this wonderful group for helping us make a huge different in the lives of needy children and families.

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