Friday, April 25, 2014

The Power in Paws

Yesterday HSP hosted our friends of Wiesbrook Elementary Power Paws. Members of Power Paws volunteered to help us sort food that feeds members of HSP’s Senior Citizen Project and Feed the Kids. The Power Paws volunteers consisted of six kids and two adult chaperones whose spirited energy added to the positive environment at the HSP warehouse. Members from Power Paws volunteered with us back in November, and we were delighted to receive their help once again. Power Paws was designed to offer students the opportunity to engage with non-profit organizations in DuPage in order to recognize the needs of their community, and offer their time and help to support that cause. The program is powered by the students, and HSP is glad to receive their generous help!

The group demonstrated their powerful paw abilities by sorting food for over an hour, helping HSP prepare its services that benefit hungry seniors and children served by our programs. This energetic group not only came ready to work, but brought food donations for the Feinstein Challenge that HSP is participating in. The Feinstein Challenge finishes at the end of the month, and the deadline is approaching quickly.  This challenge is a $1 million giveaway that is divided among participating organizations such as HSP as an endeavor to fight hunger. Organizations will split the money based on the monetary value of the donations they have received from March 1st through April 30th. If Power Paws has inspired you to help, please visit this link for more guidance

The volunteers from Power Paws did an amazing job yesterday, and we would like to thank them for their time and effort sorting food as well as their generous food donation. They will always be welcome friends at HSP! 

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