Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks for Everything, Alex!

Alex, pictured fourth from right, on her last day.
            Last Friday, we here at HSP bid farewell to a member of our wonderful intern team, Alex Carpio.  In the two months she was here, Alex lent immeasurable support to HSP by assisting with a number of different projects.
             Among these projects, Alex helped manage the waiting list for our Christmas Offering.  She took and organized requests from families in need who wished to be added to the list so that they might share in our Christmas Offering.  Thanks in major part to Alex’s hard work, HSP will be able to provide many of the children in these needy families with exciting new Christmas gifts and warm holiday memories.
            In addition to her assistance with this important part of our Christmas Offering, Alex also helped with a number of other projects, including community outreach campaigns and by contributing to HSP’s social media sites.  Aside from her given assignments, Alex was always very quick to assist with her Spanish-speaking skills.
            We are truly thankful for all Alex has done for the sake of the needy families and seniors in our programs.  Alex will surely be missed around HSP’s office for her hard-working, sunny attitude.  We wish her the best as she moves forward onto new and exciting experiences!

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