Friday, November 1, 2013

“Good Night, Sleep Tight”

Piper with a few sample "bundles"
Yesterday, we received 77 “Good Night Bundles” for the needy children enrolled in our Children’s Birthday Project. These bedtime bundles were donated by a local high school freshman, Piper Winkler, who started the project named “Good Night, Sleep Tight” with her friend, 8th grader Ana Powell. Each bundle includes items such as pajamas, books and either a stuffed animal or a blanket and socks depending on the age of needy child the bundle was made for. They even went the extra mile and themed these wonderful bundles. For example, the “Monkey Bundle” contained monkey print pjs, a monkey stuffed animal, and a Curious George book. In addition to giving these items to HSP, Piper and Ana also donated bundles to impoverished children at Hesed House in Aurora.

This project is aimed to provide needy children with “added warmth and comfort for the cold winter months ahead, because every child should go to bed comfortably and peacefully.” After Piper realized that many children don’t have this luxury and reading about her high school’s (Rosary High, in Aurora) long history of service, she was inspired to create the project. 

Piper received much support from her parents, Chris and Michelle Winkler, as well as the congregation at First United Methodist Church in Geneva. Piper said that one of the most valuable things that she learned is that “service helps bring people together” and is very thankful for the opportunity to serve those in need as well as the chance to be able to grow closer to those that supported and helped her with this project.

HSP would like to thank Piper, Ana, and everyone that helped contribute to her “Good Night, Sleep Tight” project. As the holidays approach and winter rolls around, these bedtime bundles will come in handy and bring joy to the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project.

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