Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Senior Care Kits Needed!

HSP is still in major need of personal care items for the 123 impoverished senior citizens we serve. We are committed to providing each of these seniors with personal care essentials to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, every three months. The next time we are set to deliver these items is December 7th, but currently, we only have enough items for 60 of the 123 needed kits. Once again, we need the help of our wonderful supporters in completing this task! 
Personal Care kits are distributed every three months and include:
·        2 Shampoos
·        2 Conditioners
·        1 Lip Balm
·        1 Toothbrush
·        1 Toothpaste

·        2 Dental Floss
·        3 Lotions
·        6 Bars of Soap
·        2 Hand Sanitizers

          Presently, the specific items we have the greatest need for are conditioner, dental floss, lotion, hand sanitizer and bar soap.  Any and all donations of individual items or complete kits are greatly needed and appreciated.  Please let us know if you are able to help us in providing this service to our seniors!

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