Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome 3 New Interns to HSP

           Over the past week we at the Humanitarian Service Project have been happy to welcome three interns to our summer intern team. These interns will be assisting HSP staff with a number of programs to better serve the needy seniors and families.
   The first intern we would like to introduce you to is Nathan Rygh, a student of the Project Management program at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia. After Nathan completes his internship with us at HSP he will continue on to his senior year at Liberty University. Nathan aspires to work in international business in the non-for-profit sector. Nathan brings his experience to HSP though his current work in the Community Care Initiative program. One of Nathan’s roles in Community Care Initiative is to lead teams to do community service through Habitat for Humanity and various Nursing Homes.  Through his community service work
Nathan has learned to build strong relationships and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with serving others. Besides his great interest in helping others, Nathan is a big sports fan, in particular basketball. Nathan will be working with our HSP staff to assist with our Feed the Kids program.
   Ashvini Patel is majoring in Political Science and Pre-law at St. Louis University. When Ashvini graduates from St. Louis University, she aspires to attend law school for further education. Ashvini is a perfect fit for the Humanitarian Service Project, in her past  she volunteered for “Habitat for Humanity” and a soup kitchen located near her school. Ashvini was also a Member of Carol Stream Youth Council. Ashvini’s experience in an office environment will assist HSP greatly through her work with several HSP projects and assisting HSP staff. When not involved in school, or service, Ashvini’s other interests include dance. She is a trained instructor in North Indian Classical Dancing.

   Last but not least, HSP would like to give a warm welcome to our newest intern joining the summer intern team, Allyssa Babecki. Allysa is currently attending Elmhurst College and is majoring in urban studies. At the end of the summer, Allyssa will be retuning to Elmhurst College to finish her last semester there. After graduation, Allyssa hopes to work for a non-for-profit organization. Allyssa expressed her interest in HSP because she wanted to work hands on with helping people. Allyssa has previous experience from working with Feed My Starving Children and Operation Christmas Child, which was through her church. Along with that she loves to read in her spare time and her favorite author is Mitch Albom.   From her time at HSP, she hopes to develop an understanding of what it is like to work with non-for-profit.
We feel Ashvini, Nathan, and Allyssa will be a perfect fit for HSP, and we are excited to be welcoming them to the team!

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