Monday, May 20, 2013

HSP Says Farewell to Three Interns

There have been many bittersweet moments this past week at HSP as we bid farewell to three of our wonderful spring interns. These interns have been working with HSP for the past couple months and have greatly contributed to the success of many of HSP’s programs.
Emma is front row, third from left
Emma Ewing was an accounting intern while at HSP, and a majority of her work was done with Floyd Kettering, the CFO and co-founder of HSP. On her last day, Floyd mentioned that Emma’s assistance was incredibly helpful and that she was very professional. Emma will be starting another internship in order to receive enough hours to take her CPA exam.
David is front row, fourth from right
David Patterson worked with the senior updates while he was interning with HSP. The senior updates are given to the supporters of our Senior Citizen Project, and it gives a brief update on how the individual senior’s lives have been changed with the help and support of our donors. David will be graduating from Elmhurst College and will be entering a program to become a paralegal.
Karima is front row, sitting
Karima Daboub was working on a project with the HSP team in order to complete her Master of Public Health degree at Benedictine University. With her degree, Karima plans to return to Libya and help provide nutrition to those in need. Today was Karima’s last day, so she provided authentic Libyan food for lunch so that HSP could experience a small part of Libya’s culture.  
It is very hard to say goodbye to these hardworking interns, but HSP in excited to see how they succeed in their next stage of life and hope the very best for them. 

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