Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pleasantdale Middle School 8th Graders and US Cellular

         Today, the Humanitarian Service Project was grateful to host two very hardworking groups. We had 11 volunteers from Pleasantdale Middle School and 14 volunteers from US Cellular. Both of these groups worked on putting together non-perishable food and boxed them up for our Feed the Kids program. Kristin Dixon, one of our amazing HSP volunteers helped us out by working with these two groups today.

          Pleasantdale Middle School brought us 9 students and two adults this morning. We had such a passionate group of 8th graders from Kay Lewellyan’s homeroom class sort and box non-perishable food. This food will be distributed to the 100 needy families served by our Feed the Kids program, as part of the 175 lb grocery package they will receive in June. Pleasantdale Middle School has their 8th and 7th graders volunteer twice a year with different organization and this would be their second volunteer day this year. They've been coming to HSP for quite a few years now and love the idea of kids helping other kids.
          Along with the middle school, we had a big group of volunteers for US Cellular in Schaumburg join us today. Karl Reinbolt, at US Cellular, organized this group of 14 volunteers, to come in and sort food for our Feed the Kids program.  All of the volunteers were very enthusiastic about the work they did.
          Through our Feed the Kids program HSP provides 100 impoverished families with a 175 lb grocery package during the months of June, July, and August. This supplements the diet of children when federally subsidized lunches they rely on for their nutrition is not available. If you are interested in volunteering with at the Humanitarian Service Project – Feed the Kids, call us at 630-221-8340 or email us at

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