Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Hands on Deck!

        With the days winding toward our Senior D-days and the Christmas Offering, HSP is thankful to have support from our volunteers.  In the past couple of days two devoted groups helped to better organize our projects.  Yesterday 15 volunteers from Prologis helped in two shifts spanning the day. The volunteers from Prologis helped in numerous tasks.  They helped sort 1168 wooden toys made and donated by the DuPage Wood Workers Club.  They helped sort new winter clothes donations and giving tree gifts.  Prologis also helped organize our walk-in freezer to make space for 150 turkeys for Christmas families.  Lastly, they organized and wrapped new books donated by Barnes & Noble for the needy children we serve.  We thank Prologis for their time and we especially wish to recognize Kathleen Brandenburg, who organized the event, and devoted her entire day to volunteering.

            Today, Lexis Nexis brought a strong group to help facilitate our projects. Lexis Nexis encourages their employees help their communities, providing them with two days of paid time to volunteer.  The group from Lexis Nexis enjoys HSP because they appreciate HSP’s clean and organized warehouse; furthermore, we are flexible with time and always have plenty for them to do.  Also, the volunteers receive satisfaction after a day’s work feeling they influenced the community.  The team helped with senior gift-wrapping, bagged up and stored the 150 turkeys for Christmas families, and organized the freezer after the turkeys were stored.  They also inventoried giving tree gifts and made personal care kits for seniors.  Archana Rao has lead the team effort from Nexis Lexis at HSP since 2006 and she says, “Volunteering time at HSP; I have had the opportunity to see the happiness on the recipients faces from seeing their gifts and groceries. I feel after a hard day of work at HSP we have made and impact on the community.” Archana also gives on her own time, by sponsoring a senior and two children year round, donating school supplies, and contributing giving trees for four children and two seniors. We want to Thank Lexis Nexis for giving their time to help us serve those in need, and Archana Rao for heading the group from Lexis Nexis today. 

            The time given by both Prologis and Lexis Nexis highlights what is important during this holiday season.  During this holiday season, remember that spending time is most important; whether it be in volunteering, with loved ones, or distant from family and friends take time to help and enjoy the company you keep.  Once again, we are thankful to the volunteers from Prologis and Lexis Nexis and encourage our supporters and readers to continue to reach out this holiday season and throughout the New Year. If you like to volunteer here at HSP please check out our web site http://humanitarianservice.org/ or give us a call at 630-221-8340

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