Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Party for One and Christmas for All

Nick Brown and Family Bringing in Donated Toys

           We can all remember having birthday parties where your friends played games, ate cake, and gave gifts to celebrate. For a local 12 year old, his party was much of the same except the gifts brought to the party were not for him.  Nick Brown, who turned 12 on 12/12/12, decided he would use his birthday to help needy kids his age in his community have a better Christmas.  Nick did this by using the gifts brought to his party as a toy drive. Nick must be popular because, he received and donated 34 new toys from his party.  When asked about his toy drive Nick replied, “It makes me feel good that other kids that wouldn’t have anything can have something at Christmas.”  The gifts arrived here at HSP on December 18th and were used to help some of the more than 1600 children we gave gifts to this Christmas Offering. 
            We commend the maturity and awareness of Nick Brown being so young and thinking of others around him.  Furthermore, we thank Nick and his family for the donation that made Christmas possible for more children, and for the inspiration that can be taken from this creative way to give to the needy people in the community.

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