Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Margaret and Kelly
          Today, we at Humanitarian Service Project are experiencing a mix of emotions as 2 of our interns, Margaret and Kelly, will be leaving us.  We are happy to see them go onto new things but are sad to lose them, as they were greatly helpful to HSP.  Margaret was a general intern, who loves to write, who came to us from Elmhurst College in August.  She helped us with numerous projects, supported the staff whenever needed and contributed by helping both The Children’s Birthday Project as well as The Senior Citizen Project run smoothly.  Margaret also assisted in writing numerous blogs, press releases, and helped us to stay connected to the community as well as our volunteers.  Kelly also came to us from Elmhurst College and was an accounting intern.  She started back in September and assisted the CFO Floyd Kettering will daily accounting procedures, prepared all of the accounting records for our annual audit by Wagner Sim & Co., CPAs.  She also developed an accounting procedure manual for future interns.
            They will be deeply missed here at HSP.  Both Margaret and Kelly are graduating from Elmhurst College at the end of this school year and we wish them the best of luck as they reach this new stage in their lives.

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