Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank You for Helping us “Feed the Kids!”

Even as this is being written, our June Distribution Day for our Feed the Kids Project is going on in our warehouse. Throughout today, all 100 of the needy families served by the program will be arriving at our center to pick up much needed groceries including fresh produce, bread, frozen meats, and non-perishable food, totaling over 175 pounds for each family. As you may imagine, we’ve had a lot of volunteer help who have graciously lent a hand to help make our event to feed these needy families successful. We want to take this time to recognize them.

First we would like to thank 23 volunteers from the Illinois Colleagues group of Charter One Bank who volunteered in two shifts to help us load up the cars of the needy families today. These volunteers came from all around the area from numerous Charter One locations, and various departments within the bank to help us with the event.

Secondly, we would also like to thank the volunteers who helped us sort food to prepare to make the distribution run smoothly. Yesterday, we had a group of six students from Downers Grove South High School take time out of their summer vacation to help us sort the fresh fruits and vegetables we ordered from Caputo’s and the Pepperidge Farm bread. We want to thank these helpful young people for coming out to help us provide for these families suffering under poverty.

We would also like to thank seven volunteers from WOW! Internet and Cable in Naperville, for taking the time to come and sort non-perishable food, in our warehouse today. With cheerful and hard working attitudes, these fantastic volunteers really helped us get a leg up on sorting food for our upcoming distribution days for the next two months. 

Last but not least we want to recognize all of the other friends of the HSP who helped our distribution to these very needy families be successful; Pamela Myers, Karen Cummings, and John Cummings for helping with the distribution, Steve Stasiak for helping us load and being a back up delivery driver for families who couldn’t make it, and Judi Simon for helping the group from WOW! Get comfortable in our warehouse. It is only through the loving support of friends like these that HSP is able to make the impact in the lives of the needy families and senior citizens we serve.

With subsidized food programs through schools inactive during the summer months, the needy families in our Feed the Kids Project have are annually left with a means to provide their children with the food they need during the summer months. The Feed the Kids Program is designed to fill this void, providing each needy family with an estimated 525 pounds of food for the summer. If you, like these volunteers, would be interested in helping us reach these families with the nutritious food they so desperately need, please call us at 630-221-8340 to join us for our July and August distributions.

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