Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Focus on feeding hungry children: Getting ahead of the game

It is hard to believe that less than just one week after our huge Feed the Kids (FTK) distribution day for June, we here at HSP are deep into preparations for the July distribution day! When this summer-specific program is added onto HSP’s already extensive list of year-round programs, it is never too soon to move onto the next project! With one hundred needy families participating in our FTK program, we are extremely fortunate to have such tremendous volunteers to help us prepare for all of the families who rely on our services.
One of the groups we were lucky enough to have lending a hand today was a group coming from the Outreach Community Center of Carol Stream. Today, this wonderful group of 9 young men accompanied by their leaders were not only successful in packing 50 of July’s ‘C’ FTK boxes, but they also assembled and labeled all 100 of the August ‘A’ boxes! If that were not enough, the group was also kind enough to help clean up the excess boxes throughout the warehouse, and lend a helping hand to the other volunteer group. There was a lot of energy being put to good use today!

Our second volunteer group of the day came to us from the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton, with 10 children and 2 chaperones from their vacation bible school. Today, this group focused on completing 50 ‘C’ boxes for July, and they even brought in several bags filled with food donations! This VBS group along with the group from the Outreach Community Center completed all 100 of our ‘C’ boxes for July’s FTK distribution, and gave us a head start on August projects.                                                                                               
That being said, we are excited to have both of today’s volunteer groups back to help later on this week! Thank you so much to both the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton VBS and the Outreach Community Center of Carol Stream. They both helped prepare HSP to feed 100 families in need!
In order to ensure that we at HSP are able to continue to serve the impoverished citizens of Kane and DuPage Counties, there are several food items that we have a particularly immediate need for. This is a great group project to work on, or a check made towards the purchase of one of these items would be wonderful. We are looking for:
·         Tuna (2,160 cans)
·         Peanut Butter and Jelly (375 jars each)
·         Canned fruit (1,875 cans)
·         Pasta and sauce (1,125 boxes/jars)
·         Main meals including boxed rice, boxed pasta dishes, canned chili, stew, and hearty soup
If you would like to donate any of these items to our FTK program, please call (630) 221-8340.

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