Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodbye to our Adler interns!

As we venture further and further into the summer, we at HSP are happy to see the newest editions to our intern team blossom, but we are also sad to see a valuable trio of interns leaving our family. After having just said goodbye to our soon-to-be-married Adler School of Professional Psychology intern, Navneet, we are now bidding adieu to the three remaining Adler interns: Laurie, Ian and Julie.
Laurie, Ian and Julie joined us back in January, and have been invaluable members of the HSP team ever since. Among their many contributions to the Humanitarian Service Project was their work with the seniors in our Senior Citizen Project program. Laurie, Ian and Julie worked extensively on ensuring that the seniors’ health referrals were up-to-date, interviewing seniors for annual senior update reports, and writing the senior updates.  All three are deep into their graduate programs, and will now be moving onto completing their clinicals.
As is customary here, we commemorated Ian, Julie and Laurie’s farewells with a send-off party complete with cake and ice cream. Having been here for such a long period of time, we here at HSP have grown especially fond of this group of Adler interns, and will greatly miss the talents and personalities that each of them brought to the table. We were so fortunate to have them with us, and we wish them the absolute best as they move forward towards their bright futures.

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