Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Isidore’s Religious Ed. And Bartlett Park District Preschool Make Dinosaur-sized Donations

Humanitarian Service Project would like to extend a big thank you to two very special groups of young students who made donations to help HSP reach the needy senior citizens and children served by our projects. Donations from the Kindergarten and 1st Grade class from the Religious Education program at St. Isidore’s Parish in Bloomingdale and the children from the Bartlett Park District Preschool came in yesterday. Both groups of students clearly put a lot of effort in thinking of creative ways to fulfill the needs of the children and seniors we serve. We want to thank these groups of wonderful, young children for their thoughtful gifts.

The first donation that came in yesterday was from the Kindergarteners and 1st graders in St. Isidore’s Parish’s Religious Ed program. These children collected 9 large boxes full of both party and art supplies to give needy children some fun surprises on their birthdays. Vera Zielinski from St. Isidore’s Parish, who dropped the donation off at our center, said “the children at the parish are constantly doing service every session.” Some of the kids collected the items themselves, and some raised money to purchase the supplies. Vera said everybody at St. Isidore’s was happy to get behind the donation, because part of their mission is to “teach the children the importance of service.”

The second great donation that came in yesterday was from the Bartlett Park District Preschool. These preschoolers managed to collect 115 boxes of Kleenex for the needy senior citizens in our senior citizen project. Karyn Rizzo, from the preschool, said they did something very fun with the Kleenex as they were collecting them; the children used the boxes in activity to learn the measurements of dinosaurs. By our count, 115 of the standard 8.4 inch long Kleenex boxes measures 80.5 feet. For a little Cretaceous Period reference, Sue, the adult Tyrannosaurus Rex at the field museum in Chicago is a little over 40 feet long. Using these measurements, the Bartlett Park District preschoolers managed to donate two T-Rexes worth of Kleenex!

Again, we want to thank these wonderful groups of children for helping HSP reach out to needy members of the community. If you are interested in helping HSP make a difference in the lives of senior citizens or children in need, like these children did, please call us at 630-221-8340.

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