Thursday, March 8, 2012

Become a Senior's Secret Pal

(A wonderful gift for a needy senior dropped off at our center in Carol Stream today by a “secret pal.”)
We at the Humanitarian Service Project are committed to making sure the needy senior citizens served by our project do not have to face the challenges that aging and poverty bring, all on their own. With their limited resources being stretched under rising healthcare costs, rent, and other important expenses, HSP’s Senior Citizen Project is designed to make sure the seniors in our program have their needs met. Our monthly deliveries of 90 pounds of much needed groceries (including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, bread, non-perishables, and paper products) go to make sure the seniors are getting the nourishment they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, another issue the needy seniors in our project often face is the loneliness and isolation that their circumstances often bring. This is where HSP’s “secret pals” enter in the equation. Each month, our secret pal donors buy a small gift, between $5 and $25. The gifts not only provide seniors with items that they are in need of and are unable to procure for themselves, but, more importantly, the gift shows the senior that they are cared for.

The secret pals in our program have all made a marvelous impact in the lives of the needy seniors we serve. One senior wrote to her secret pal, “You’re an angel, a star, a blessing.” We currently have several seniors who have not yet been matched up with secret pals to be their angel, star, and blessing. If this sounds like a way you would be interested in helping HSP reach out to a needy senior, please consider becoming a secret pal. Please call us at 630-221-8340 with questions or to sign up.

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