Monday, March 5, 2012

Paper Products Needed!

The impoverished seniors in our program often have to make tough decisions regarding where the little money they receive goes. With the cost of rent, medication, and other important expenses, many seniors have to go without many items necessary to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. At the Humanitarian Service Project, it is part of our mission to help provide the needy seniors in our project with these items. Every month, HSP delivers over 90 pounds of groceries to each of our seniors including fresh produce, frozen meats, bread, non-perishable food, a small gift from their “secret pal,” and paper products to make sure they have access to healthy food and their needs are met.

In order to reach all of the needy seniors in our project with these items, many of HSP’s wonderful supporters have contributed in the past. One thing that we have a specific need for is paper goods, particularly facial tissue. Every year, HSP sends out 8,064 rolls of toilet paper, 2,688 rolls of paper towels, and 2,688 boxes of facial tissue, in order to provide our seniors with what they need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. If you, or a group you belong to, would be interested in helping needy senior citizens, a donation of paper goods would be both a thoughtful and practical way to lend a hand. Please call us at 630-221-8340 with any questions.

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