Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Senior Wishlist

Every senior in our senior citizen project has a wishlist which they can update every month. They request items that they would like and if the cost is between $5-25, we will let their Secret Pal know, who can bring the items before the next delivery day. Seniors can ask for basic necessities like bath products, utensils, bedding, clothes and gift cards as a few examples. They can also ask for larger items as well such as furniture or appliances like radios, TVs or toasters. The larger items are donated by our supporters throughout the community. Since this past delivery day, we have discovered that a few seniors would like a computer, but HSP has no monitors available at this time. We have the towers, keyboards and mice. However, we need a few monitors to complete the package. HSP has volunteer drivers who deliver and set up the computers at the seniors’ homes.

If anyone has a computer monitor that they no longer need, a few of our seniors would love to have them.

Don’t have a monitor? Here are other larger items that seniors in our program are requesting:

  • Toaster (8 seniors requesting)

  • Ironing Board (7 seniors)

  • Fan (7 seniors)

  • Microwave (6 seniors)

  • Vacuum (6 seniors)

  • Mini Fridge (5 seniors)

  • Coffee Maker (3 seniors)

  • Silverware (3 seniors)

  • Answering machine (3 seniors)

  • Rocking Chair (2 seniors)

  • Air mattress (1)

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