Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Box Delivery

HSP delivered a load of birthday boxes to three elementary schools today. These Birthday Boxes go out to needy children in the community. The boxes went to Brady Elementary, Gates Elementary and Beaupre Elementary school in Aurora. One generous volunteer, Pete delivered the boxes. Inside the boxes the children are given:

  1. 4 new toys
  2. 4 new books
  3. 1 game
  4. Filler gifts
  5. stuffed animals
  6. school supplies
  7. party supplies
  8. gifts from their Christmas wish list

HSP sends out these boxes every month to numerous children. The children are always very excited to receive their gifts. These boxes make it possible for children to celebrate their birthday in a fun way. Thanks to the generous donations HSP receives from people in the community, the Children’s Birthday Project is a huge success.

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