Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Volunteers Box Meat for Seniors & Families

clip_image002Despite the stormy start to the day, today is turning out to be a bright and fantastic, just like the volunteers that came in this morning to work in the warehouse. Troop 935 came and worked with our outstanding Monday morning food sorting team and theses volunteers started putting together bags of meat for our needy seniors as well as our needy families. It was the first time for all of the girl scouts and everyone was eager to help out. All of the meat that these wonderful volunteers put together will be going to 120 seniors and 150 families next month for our annual Christmas Offering. Each bag that was put together contained selections of 3 poultry, 2 pork and 2 beef.

Thank you Troop 935 and our Monday Morning team for coming in and helping prepare meat for 150 families so they can have some great meals during the holiday as well as for the 120 seniors who receive the meat as part of the 90 pounds of food they receive each month for Delivery Day.

Thank You Again!!


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