Friday, November 5, 2010

Do you believe in as you sow so shall you reap?

We make it as simple as possible for anyone looking to do something good and kind.

For Angelina last year, it was going to be just another day on December 25th. No matter how hard her Mum worked, and no matter how much it nagged at her heart, Angelina’s mother could not afford anything special for her 9-year old daughter on Christmas day.

Humanitarian Service stepped in, and through a simple act of kindness from just one man who never met Angelina, made her Christmas special.

There are many untold stories just like this that happen in the background during the Christmas season. And with this year’s Christmas holidays swiftly approaching, the Humanitarian Service Project has collected poverty-stricken children’s and low-income senior citizens’ Christmas wishes and is now sending those wishes out to people, just like you, people who want to do something good and kind by making those wishes come true.

If your heart is looking to help, then please give us a call for more information at: 630-221-8340.

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