Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help Older Children In The CBP Family

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and ‘tis the season to buy toys!! HSP is truly grateful for all toy donations that come through our doors each and every month, but we are in special need of toys for the older members of our Children Birthday Project family for Christmas as well as for their birthday.

Not sure what to get a child between the ages of 8-12 or in need of a friendly reminder, here are a few ideas that will make a child feel special whether it is on Christmas morning or after blowing out their candles on their birthday cake.

For Girls:

- Crafts and items that will help mold their creativity. For example bead kits, jewelry kits, how-to-draw kits.

- Beauty items, because every girl wants to feel like a princess. These items can include bath gel, lotions, shampoo & conditioners as well as bath gloves and luffas and a purse

- Items that can capture and save life’s most important memories like a camera, picture frame and journal.

For Boys:

- Craft items that will also help mold their creativity. For example model kits (cars, plane, animals) and how-to-draw kits, Lego’s.

- Sport items, because sports promote team work, responsibility, fitness and are just fun to play. Example of sports items are football (Jr. Size), Basketball (Size 28.5), Soccer ball (Size 4), and a Frisbee.

- Handheld electronic toys, since we are in the age of technology. Example of games, Wheel of Fortune, Life, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal.

HSP needs your help. Help put a smile on a child face and donate toys to the older members of the Children Birthday Project Family!!

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