Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Personal Care Items Needed

Every three months HSP includes a “personal care kit” along with the monthly grocery delivery to the seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. These kits provide the seniors with the hygiene items they need to care for themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We currently are in need of 35 complete care kits, and particularly need conditioner, and body wash/soap.

You can help by organizing a “personal care kit” drive or putting together a kit.
A full kit includes the following items:

-1 Shampoo    - 1 Conditioner
-1 Lip Balm     -1 Toothbrush
-2 Toothpastes  -1 Dental Floss
-1 Hand Sanitizer  –3 Lotions (smaller sizes preferred)
-4 Bars of soap or body wash (1 body wash= 2 soap bars)

Completed care kits or donations can be dropped off at HSP!

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