Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank you Norton Creek Elementary

We would like to thank Norton Creek Elementary in West Chicago for running a school-wide service project creating “Party in a Bag” kits for needy children. This project was sponsored by the PTO and spearheaded by Lisa Weier in which the whole school collected items and created these incredible kits. This was the first annual community service project and they did such an amazing job. Parents whose children attend Norton Creek along with the principle assembled these wonderful kits during an event on Saturday morning.

These Party Bags were picked up by Kristin, our Executive Director, and our volunteer Dean Senne today. The school created birthdays bags for 81 of the children enrolled in our Children’s Birthday Project making other kids birthdays special and putting a smile on their faces. Lisa talked about how it was explained to the kids that birthday parties are an “extra” activity that many families cannot afford. She told Kristin, “The children really connected to the project because they love having a birthday party so they want to make sure other kids can do the same.” Thanks to the generosity of the families and children at Norton Creek. 

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