Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three New, Bright Stars Join HSP’s Intern Team

This week at HSP we’ve been lucky enough to welcome, not one, but three new interns to our intern team. These interns will be utilizing the skills they are currently studying in school to help serve the needy seniors and families in HSP’s programs, while also gaining valuable experience about working in the non-profit world. We are very excited to be hosting these students for their internships, and would like to introduce you to them.

            First up we have Melinda Hernandez who joins us from Elmhurst College. At Elmhurst, Melinda is studying English with a minor in Intercultural Studies. Melinda says she is looking forward to applying her writing skills in a professional setting, and is looking forward to her experience at HSP a great deal. Melinda will be contributing to HSP by writing HSP’s publications as well as interviewing and writing “updates” about the impoverished seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. Once she graduates, Melinda hopes to work in Public Relations, and is also an aspiring author. Outside of work and school, she says she enjoys cooking, sketching, and is quite an avid reader.

Lydia G.
            Secondly, we would like to introduce Lydia Gantz a student from Wheaton College. Lydia is an English major and is also pursuing a minor in Sociology. Lydia plans on working in the non-profit industry after graduating, which she says is what motivated her to apply for the internship at HSP. She says she is looking forward to getting the “in the trenches” experience of how a non-profit operates. Lydia will also be working on “senior updates” and contributing in other ways to meeting the needs of the impoverished seniors and children in our programs. Outside of school, Lydia volunteers with refugee children in Wheaton, and is an amateur percussionist.

Lydia M.
            Believe it or not, we welcomed a second Lydia to HSP this week as well, Lydia Medina, a student of the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Lydia is training to become an Art Therapist at Adler, and comes to HSP to complete her “Practicum” for her degree. Lydia will be spending her time on the senior update project, interviewing the needy seniors in our project. These updates will better HSP’s knowledge on the seniors’ needs and current situation. Lydia says she hopes to work with children and seniors in her future career as an art therapist, and is looking forward to working directly with our clients. As one would expect from her career choice, Lydia is very interested in art, but she’s also very interested in cooking, fitness, and yoga.

            It is not often that we are able to welcome three new interns in the same week. We are very happy to have Melinda, Lydia, and Lydia working with us. Please join us in welcoming them to HSP.

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