Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Schools Come Through with A+ Donations for Needy Seniors

Humanitarian Service Project would like to take this opportunity to highlight two very generous donations of paper products made by local schools, Albright Middle School, in Villa Park, and, Wheaton Warrenville South High School, for the sake of the needy seniors we serve.

The first drive we received was from Albright Middle School, in Villa Park, was due to host author, Chris Rylander who would discuss his popular, young-adult book series The Fourth Stall. With the event quickly coming, librarian Amy DeForrest, Principal Scott Jackson, and other staff members at the school, began to formulate a very interesting idea. Because Rylander’s books take place primarily in a bathroom stall, the AMS staff decided to do a toilet paper drive in collaboration with the author’s visit. Principal Jackson acquired a toilet on loan from Home Depot and put it on display for the drive. When the students brought in toilet paper for the drive, they got to fill up the display toilet with their donation. This idea certainly attracted the kid’s attention! Last week, Principal Jackson brought in three large bags of toilet paper to HSP.

Not content to let Albright Middle School have all the fun, today we received a paper drive from another wonderful local school, Wheaton Warrenville South High School! Mike Healy, Athletic Director at the Wheaton Warrenville South, received a letter from HSP detailing the paper needs of our needy seniors, and was motivated to take action. He took the idea to the school’s Athletic Leadership Council, and the school’s athletes really ran with it. With their spirit and hustle, the students collected five large bags of paper goods for the needy seniors, which included not only toilet paper, but other necessary paper products as well, including, paper towels and Kleenex.

These paper donations will help provide for HSP’s 121 needy senior citizens, who desperately need paper products like toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels, to maintain the healthy lives they deserve. HSP would again like to thank Albright Middle School, and the Wheaton Warrenville South Athletic Leadership Council for these generous and creative donations.

If you too would be interested in helping HSP serve needy senior citizens with the paper products they need, please call HSP at 630-221-8340, or check out our website to learn more:

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