Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthdays Come from California!

One of the kits donated by the Girl Scout Troop 60027

Today we at Humanitarian Service Project would like to share a story with you showing how generosity and giving know no borders. Yesterday we were delighted to receive a donation from Girl Scout Troop 60027 all the way from Los Altos, California. Joanne Griffis, a leader of the troop, happened upon our website, and thought making some Party in a Box kits for needy children, would be a perfect service project for her scouts. The girls obviously loved the idea as well, because yesterday we received 4 beautiful boxes that had just made the whopping 2, 146 mile journey from Los Altos, to our center in Carol Stream!

            The four wonderful kits made by these sunny, Californian scouts, were chalk full of all the supplies needed to throw exciting and memorable birthday parties. They contained cake mix, frosting, plates, napkins, cups, streamers, party hats, candles, balloons, and various other party favors. These kits will supply four of the needy kids in our Children’s Birthday Project with the special birthday parties they deserve. We want to thank these Girls Scouts for sending their generosity, and these kits, across state lines to help us make a difference in the lives of needy children!

            HSP serves more than 900 needy children with a 20-25 pound birthday box full or new toys, boxes, and party kits, like these. If you, like this great group of Girl Scouts from California, would like to be involved in helping HSP make this all happen, you can learn more at our website:

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