Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank You Alleluia Lutheran Church!

This morning, Joann Jackson and Heather Smith from Alleluia Lutheran Church delivered a van filled with food to be used in our Feed the Kids project this summer. They conducted a food drive through their Vacation Church School camps, which are composed of over 350 children from Kindergarten to the fifth grade.

It is obvious that Joann and Heather were the driving force behind the success of the church's food drive. Their enthusiasm about helping the less fortunate in our community was apparent in how they managed to collect and donate such a great amount of non-perishables to our Feed the Kids Project. During their camps, they raffled off seven adorable stuffed panda bears. The children received a raffle ticket for each food item they brought in to donate. We imagine Joann and Heather must have been handing out raffle tickets all day long!

Joann and Heather said the children were excited about the food drive and learned about the importance of helping other, less fortunate children in their community. Joann said, "Our church also helps children in other countries every year, which is great and we love doing it. We also want to help the people that live in our communities. Well tell the children, 'this could be going to your neighbor.' We tell them that they can have such an impact right here."

We are extremely thankful to Joann, Heather, and the Alleluia Lutheran Church for their generous donation. The church has been working with us and the communities we serve for many years. They have been helping us with food drives, toy drives, and the Children's Birthday Project since 2003. We greatly appreciate the tremendous amount of generosity they have shown throughout the years.

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