Friday, October 29, 2010

Saving Pretty Pennies!

One of our sponsors recommends buying an Entertainment 2011 Coupon book. She writes, “today I saved $95.42!” while shopping in Menard’s. Her Entertainment 2010 Coupon book contained a 15% off any Menard’s purchase.

One of our staffers was watching the TV Show the Office last night, and the Office was talking about a way to save $15,000, mentioning the Entertainment Coupon book.

Episode 7.06

You see, The Office staff were told that if they won the costume contest they would receive a coupon book worth…$15,000! Being completely blinded by the $15k, no one realized that they would have to spend at least that much.

Another one of our staffers mentioned that she bought the book, and soon after she realized that she saved on the movie ticket for her friend since the second ticket was free.

These books are amazing and would make a great addition to any smart saver. These books will be available for $25 until December 3rd. For more information, contact us by email at

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