Thursday, September 1, 2016

Join HSP for Hunger Action Month!

Happy Hunger Action Month, otherwise known as HAM! All month long, HSP will be representing HAM through a variety of activities on all of our social media, especially Instagram! We'll be giving you fundraising ideas, donation ideas, and the thing we're all really excited about: highlighting staff and volunteers on how they're taking action to help end hunger! You'll be seeing a lot of these plates over the coming month, and we invite you to send us your own testimonial so we can feature it on here, or make your own plate and tag us in your photo! If you aren't the outgoing type, a simple way for you to take action against hunger is to wear orange, HAM'S color, all month long to bring awareness to food insecurity. Help us take action against hunger and raise awareness for the hunger that affects DuPage and Kane counties this September!

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