Thursday, June 2, 2016

HSP Welcomes Three New Interns

Over the last week, HSP has had the pleasure of welcoming three new members to its summer intern team; Luke Jolly, Gabbie Hill, and Kathleen Barry. These three will be spending part of their summer helping HSP make a difference in the lives of the seniors, children, and families we serve.

First up is Luke Jolly, who joins us from Wheaton College where he is studying communications. Luke says he is very excited to gain work experience while helping those in need at the same time. In his time at HSP, Luke will be helping us spread the word about our programs and ways people can get involved at HSP.

Second we would like to introduce you to Gabbie Hill. Gabbie joins us from Greenville College where she is studying social work and philosophy. Gabbie hopes to work in a non-profit one day, so she says she is very excited about gaining an in-depth look at the non-profit world at HSP.

Last but not least, we have Kathleen Barry, who is pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree from Benedictine University. Kathleen will be spending time at HSP working with the seniors in our Senior Citizen Project, and helping us better understand and serve their needs.

Please join us in welcoming these three to HSP!

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