Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thank You Cards from Grateful Kids

Yesterday, HSP received a very special delivery, a stack of thank you cards from many of the underprivileged children we served during Christmas at Currier Elementary. These cards were written back in December, after HSP was able to provide gifts for all of the low-income children at the school through our Christmas Offering program. 2015 was our largest Christmas Offering ever, with 2,272 children receiving gifts. This was thanks to all of our supporters who made the program a success. We wish to share some of the messages written on the cards, to everyone who helped us spread joy to these deserving children:

“I thank you for giving us presents. I loved what you gave us. It was wonderful, it made me so happy.”

“When I opened mine I was happy. When I grow up I will remember what you did.”

“Thank you for the presents you gave me. I enjoyed them. They were really cool. Thank you, because all day long I’ve been reading, playing, and building.”

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