Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thanks for a Successful Christmas Offering

With so many children, families, and seniors served over the past few weeks, there is much to be done at HSP as we close out the Christmas Offering for 2015. As the dust settles, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make the program a success. There were hundreds of volunteers who lent their support, from those who helped package food or organize gifts in our warehouse, to those who assisted in the distributions to the families and seniors. There were also many more that helped make the program possible by generously donating food and toys. Additionally, we’d like to thank those who gave monetary support, enabling us to provide for the families in our communities who need us most.

Thanks to all of those who provided assistance, HSP was able to make the holidays brighter and more joyous for the members of our communities who are impacted most by poverty. HSP wishes to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who made our Christmas Offering possible!

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