Friday, May 22, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Wrappers

Today, HSP would like to take a moment to acknowledge our volunteer wrappers, a fantastic group of volunteers who help us to make children in need feel special on their birthdays. At HSP, the Children’s Birthday Project is constantly keeping us busy as we provide around 925 children with birthday boxes for their special days. These boxes contain 6-10 new gifts, 4-7 new books, a few small “filler” gifts, and a “party in a bag kit,” filled with party and school supplies, which allows the children to keep pace with their classmates and celebrate their birthday in style. But creating these birthday boxes that allow these children to feel celebrated would not be possible without our wrappers. These wonderful volunteers, who come to us both as groups and individuals, take time out of their schedules to pick up the gifts and wrap them, making the gifts festive and fun for the children receiving them. They put so much care into their work, and play a huge role in creating a special day for these children in need. For this, we here at HSP want to say thank you to our volunteer wrappers, for graciously giving their time and efforts to our cause. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer wrapper, please contact us at

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