Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Giving Trees

National Van Lines driver, Chuck Weidenbach, with
HSP co-founder, Floyd Kettering, delivering
the trailer on Monday.
The arrival of December brought with it cold, Christmas decorations, and the start of Giving Tree Season! Donations have already begun to pour in here at HSP. These donations and gifts are used to help service over 1600 children in our Christmas Offering. Every child deserves to wake up to a present under the tree on Christmas morning, and it is through the continued generosity of our donors that this will become a reality for these families.

            With the Christmas Offering just a week and a half away, HSP has a lot of work to do getting all of the giving trees ready for the big day. National Van Lines has allowed us to use one of their trailers as extra space for all of our Giving Trees. We are so thankful for their generosity as it helps us ensure that we have plenty of space for all of our gifts and donations. Thanks to all of our donors and volunteers, we’ll be able to help out a lot of families this holiday season.

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