Thursday, October 2, 2014

Toys 'R Us Donations Through K.I.D.S

          The past couple of days have been very exciting for all of us here at HSP.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we received donations from two Toys ‘R Us Stores through our partnership with K.I.D.S/ Fashion Delivers.  K.I.D.S, or Kids In Distressed Situations, partners with retail stores to provide toys and other items to people impacted by poverty through local charities and non-profit organizations; Fashion Delivers is also a part of this program, focusing on donating clothing from retailers.
Jeff with a full van of toys donated by the Crystal Lake Toys 'R Us.
          HSP recently formed a relationship with K.I.D.S/ Fashion Delivers as a “community partner,” and we are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to the children we serve through our Children’s Birthday Project and Christmas Offering.  Through the partnership with K.I.D.S, HSP received a donation of half a van full of toys on Tuesday from the Algonquin Toys ‘R Us store, and a full van of toys on Wednesday from the store in Crystal Lake.  These donations were picked up for us by our great volunteers, Bill Fehling on Tuesday, and Jeff Marker on Wednesday.
Some of the toys donated by the Algonquin and Crystal Lake Toys 'R Us stores.
          We are very excited about these donations, as they are sure to bring immeasurable joy to the children enrolled in our Children’s Birthday Project.  Through this program, HSP provides 925 children with a 20-25 pound box of new toys, games, puzzles, and age-appropriate books, party supplies, and more on their birthdays.  These donations will also be extremely helpful in providing for children through our Christmas Offering, which provides 1,600 families with Christmas gifts during the holiday season. 
Thank you to K.I.D.S, the Crystal Lake and Algonquin Toys ‘R Us stores, and our wonderful volunteers Bill and Jeff; we couldn’t possibly make any of this happen without all of you, and your generosity means the world to all of us here at HSP and the children we serve.
            As Christmas quickly approaches, the need for toy donations grows ever larger.  If you’d like to learn more about HSP’s Christmas Offering or how you can donate, please visit our website at      

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