Monday, March 10, 2014

Partnering with Student Volunteers from the College of DuPage

Two of the COD volunteers (Jamie and Christina) hard at work.
For the past couple weeks, HSP has been grateful for a number of student volunteers from the College of DuPage, or COD. Their time spent at HSP has helped greatly as they have aided in many different tasks ranging from sorting food for the Senior Citizen Project and Feed the Kids to helping out with sorting toys and other projects here at HSP.

            These six student volunteers are part of the service learning classes at COD, through which students put in twenty hours of service work for local charities or nonprofits such as HSP. Working with community organizations provides students with the ability to get connected with the community as well as giving them an experience of work beyond the classroom setting. In return, organizations such as HSP benefit from the students support of upcoming projects.

            We are extremely grateful for the work that these student volunteers have completed and the time that they have put in. It is because of volunteers like these that we are able to keep our projects running and it would be immensely difficult to do so without like minded people. Many thanks to our student volunteers and the COD for partnering with us in combating hunger and need in the DuPage and Kane County areas.

If you or someone you know may be interested in also impacting the needy in the DuPage and Kane counties through volunteer service or aid, please feel free to contact HSP by phone at (630)221-8340 or by email at

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