Monday, February 10, 2014

Divine Savior’s “Boxes of Love”

This week started out wonderfully at HSP thanks to our friends at Divine Savior Parish in Downers Grove. Today we received the donation of 123 “Boxes of Love” which they made for all of the needy seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project. Every year, the members of the parish create these valentine themed boxes full of donated items for every senior served by our program. Based on our “Senior Care Kits,” these boxes contain hygiene products and other items to help our seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle.

An example "Box of Love"
These amazing boxes were dropped off at our Center today by Rich Patera, a longtime supporter of HSP and a member of Divine Savior. Each box included:
-          Facial Tissues
-          Toilet Paper
-          Toothpaste
-          Toothbrushes
-          Shampoo/Conditioner
-          Moisturizer
-          Mouth wash
-          Soap
-          Lip balm
-          And even tea and hot chocolate

On top of contributing these fantastic boxes every February, Divine Savior has been a huge supporter of HSP for over two decades. We wish to thank Rich, and everyone at Divine Savior, for helping us provide relief to the very needy and deserving seniors in our program.

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