Monday, December 23, 2013

HSP Bids Bon Voyage to a Terrific Trio of Interns

Rebecca (2nd from left,) Elizabeth (3rd from left,) Brennan
(4th from left)
With Christmas just two short days away, HSP is finishing off the final touches of our Christmas Offering today. With the program successfully completed, HSP would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to three wonderful interns who contributed so much to the Christmas Offering. Last Friday was the final day for our Project Management Interns Rebecca Megchelsen and Elizabeth Meier, and our Accounting Intern Brennan McClung. Each of these interns used their talents in their own unique way to help us serve needy seniors, children, and their families this Christmas.

Rebecca was involved in numerous projects in her time here at HSP, not the least of which was securing toy drives for the needy children we serve. Rebecca’s efforts on this project contributed greatly to HSP’s ability to serve over 1700 needy children through the Christmas Offering! She also assisted with organizing our Christmas waiting list, and working with the needy families enrolled in our Children’s Birthday Program. In a few weeks, Rebecca will return to Dordt College after being off campus for a semester completing her internship. We hope her experiences at HSP will serve her well in her return to school.

In the way that Rebecca was tasked with recruiting toy drives, Elizabeth was in charge of securing food drives to help us feed impoverished families and seniors. Elizabeth did a phenomenal job, working hand in hand with our donors to provide an amazing amount of food for our needy clients. Elizabeth also lent her support in a number of other ways in her time at HSP including contributing to HSP’s blog and newsletter. Elizabeth attends Elmhurst College where she is double majoring in Business Administration and Management, and we know she is going to go far.

Last but not least is Brennan McClung, our Accounting Intern. Brennan spent his time at HSP working directly with HSP’s CFO and Co-founder, Floyd Kettering, assisting him with all of HSP’s accounting needs. Brennan went above and beyond the call of duty this month, by also assisting in the HSP warehouse lending instrumental support by leading volunteer groups and otherwise preparing for the Christmas Offering. Brennan also attends Elmhurst College where he further proves how multitalented he is by being an Accounting student and a member of the baseball team.

These three interns all proved incredibly instrumental around the office during this busy Christmas season. We will miss them not only for their talent and work ethic, but for their cheerful personalities. Please join us in thanking them for all they’ve done, and wishing them all success as they go on to other exciting chapters of their lives.

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