Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank you to Chesterbrook Academy!

        For the past two Saturdays, Chesterbrook Academy, in Naperville, hosted Children’s’ musician/entertainer, Jim Gill. Gill performed in three shows to benefit the Humanitarian Service Project’s Children’s Birthday Project. More than 100 people attended each show. The concerts were very upbeat and exciting. Everyone had a great time and HSP would like the thank Chesterbrook Academy for hosting this concert on behalf of the children in the Children’s Birthday Project.
HSP will receive all of the proceeds made from the event; in addition we received 85 packages of non-perishable food. All children who were under the age of 2 years received free admission with the donation of one non-perishable item. One of our lovely volunteer speakers, Sandy Bergeson, represented HSP at the event and she brought in all of the food collected at the event, to our center yesterday.

In addition to thanking Chesterbrook Academy for their donations, we also want to thank them for hosting Jim Gill. Gill specializes in child development; his performances are geared towards a playful interaction between a child and an adult. All of the people who attended the concert had a great time, playing, dancing and interacting with one another. Gill also donated part of his earnings from the concert to HSP. 

HSP would like to give a huge thank you to Chesterbrook Academy for all of their hard work. We would also like to thank Jim Gill, Sandy Bergeson, and everyone who attended the concert in support of HSP. We are truly thankful and we know that all of the needy children in our program are too.

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