Friday, September 14, 2012

Help a Senior: Be a Volunteer Driver

HSP is looking for volunteers willing to be volunteer drivers for our Senior Citizen Project delivery days. This opportunity is perfect for someone looking to volunteer some of their time each month to make a difference in the life of needy senior citizen.

Now, you may be wondering what volunteer drivers actually do.
Drivers come to our center in Carol Stream on our monthly delivery days (usually the third or fourth Saturday of each month) at their chosen timeslot any time from 8:45am until Noon. Our volunteer loaders will pack the food for one or two seniors in the driver’s car, for the driver to deliver. Maps are provided to the senior’s homes. Volunteers can sign up to drive regularly each month, or they may volunteer as a substitute, who periodically fill the spots of regular drivers who may not be available on a given month.

Some drivers even like to get their furry friends in on the fun!
On each monthly delivery day, the 120 needy senior citizens served by our project receive 90 pounds of groceries designed to provide them with the fresh, nutritious food that they need, but cannot afford. These groceries include frozen meats, a menagerie of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, non-perishable foods, personal care items, and paper products. Volunteer drivers are the backbone of our monthly delivery days, as they are the ones who literally see to it that the seniors receive this food that they so desperately need. If you are interested in helping HSP serve needy seniors in this way, please call us at 630-221-8340. Our next monthly delivery day is fast approaching on September 22nd, and we’d love having anyone interested in participating involved in the event.

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