Wednesday, August 1, 2012

School Supplies at the DuPage County Fairgrounds

Alex Gordy and Brian Jensen ready to deliver

It’s almost back to school time for kids in DuPage County and the Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) is ready to help those families in need with boxes of school supplies. There are many families in DuPage who are living on low incomes and struggling to provide their children with school supplies. Today HSP rallied to the rescue with two vans full of school supply donations to the DuPage Back to School Fair. Our CFO, Floyd Kettering, along with HSP staff member Alex Gordy, HSP intern Brian Jensen, and HSP volunteer Kip Hogan dropped off two vans full of supplies to the DuPage County Back to School Fair. Dr. Joseph Gust, the Assistant Regional Superintendent, and everyone else at the DuPage regional office of education, were ecstatic to see the vans full of supplies. We want to thank all of the people whose donations made today’s delivery such a success.

Joseph Gust and Steve Garlington of the DuPage Regional Office of Education with the donated items
The Back to School Fair helps families living on low incomes provide school supplies for their children. This fair not only provides school supplies to the families but also provides health services, educational material, games and entertainment, and other township services. The Back to School Fair will be held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton on August 8th. The school supplies were donated to HSP by numerous friends of the agency and because there’s always a need for school supplies we are accepting donations before August 8th and after. If you would like to donate after August 8th we will be giving those donations directly to needy children at deserving schools. Feel free to give us a call at 630-221-8340 or email us at about donating or for further information about the DuPage Back to School Fair.

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