Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Can I Help the HSP in Less Than 5 Minutes?

Although we are EXTREMELY appreciative of your donations, there are also other ways you can help us folks at the HSP with the School Supply Drive!
Spead the word!
You never know what telling at least one friend can do. They can donate, or tell somebody else. And they can tell somebody else. In no time at all, there are exponentially more people who are aware of the need for school supplies! And of course, exponentially more school supplies for needy children.
It's simple: drop a line about our collection of supplies into your daily conversation with a friend or co-worker. Or better yet, send a mass email to your contact list. Make an announcement about it at work, your place of worship, or other social clubs. Even make it your Facebook status!

It's not a secret that the HSP would LOVE more school supplies!

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