Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips and tricks when planning a supply drive

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As promised we are posting a list of things to think about when hosting a school supply drive at your office, church, or school. As the recession lingers, students all over the country will have difficulties getting ready for school. Even a small donation is a great donation!

Tips and tricks when planning a school supply drive
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Getting started:
What type of drive would you like to host?
1. A full school supply drive list – with any item on HSP’s wish list
2. A specialized drive – collecting only one item on the list
3. Collecting backpacks filled with supply items
How long do you want the drive to last?
Back to school sales will be start before you know it! Select the dates you want the drive to begin and end. Plan at least two weeks worth of collection.
What will you collect in?
Find appropriate bins or boxes and a location for your collection sites.

Before the drive:
Look for coupons and sales to donate as much as you can for as little as possible
Send out an email or memo through the office with the kick-off date
Make fliers and posters. Post in high-traffic areas
Set up bins in high-traffic areas like the elevator, lobby, cafeteria and meeting rooms
Tell your family, friends and church members and other connections about the work you are supporting. The more people know, the more school supplies you’ll get.

During the drive:
Engage in healthy, philanthropic competition to see which department can bring in the most items. Award prizes, if possible, to winning “teams”
Create themes to help staff members remember what to bring. Previous groups have done “Marker Mondays” and “Casual Crayon Fridays”
Announce when the drive is coming to an end (about one week prior)

Donations may be dropped off at HSP’s center in Carol Stream Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Have you hosted a supply drive in the past? How did your company manage? How much were you able to collect? Share your original stories and creative advice with HSP!

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