Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recently at HSP...

By: Megan Sturomski, intern

There has been a lot going on at HSP lately. Not only have we been preparing for our next senior D-day, but we have also had some other exciting happenings as well. First of all, HSP is delighted to announce that we have recently received a new color copier! We are so excited for our new addition to HSP, and the copier allows us to communicate in a more efficient matter with our supporters!

Here HSP's Senior Citizen Project coordinator ,Sarah Grindstaff, poses with our new copy machine!

Eric Anderson of Konica Minolta helped to install and educated HSP staff on the proper usage of the new color copier.

Another recent happening at HSP was the celebration of HSP's very own Krista Ravenscraft's birthday. Krista, our grant writer intern at HSP, was given a birthday party to celebrate the big day!
Here Krista and Karole watch as Jan ever so carefully places the candles on Krista's cake.
HSP has also received a few large food donations
recently. Congregation Etz Chaim of Lombard held a Macaroni and Cheese drive and was able to donate 5 large garbage bags full to HSP. Another large donation was also made by St. Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church of Auroa. St. Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church was able to donate 575 lbs of mixed non perishables!

Pictured here is a colorful bag of Mac & Cheese that was donated by Congregation Etz Chaim!

HSP also has the privilege of sending three speakers: Sherri Lloyd, Judy Simon and Diane McGuire to The Carol Stream Woman's Club Family Fashion Show on Sunday March 7th. The speakers will be able to educate the participants, as well as the attendees, about HSP's Senior Citizen Project.

Pictured here is Megan Sturomski an intern at HSP, holding a poster she made about SCP for the speakers to use at the Family Fashion Show on Sunday.

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