Friday, February 12, 2010

HSP Happenings!

By: Kristen Lindholm, intern

Hi all! Just thought it would be nice to update you with some recent happenings from 2010! So many great things happen each and every day, but I feel it is important to share some highlights!

To begin, HSP received a huge donation from Project Linus in January! Over 300 handmade, fleece blankets were donated to our program from the West Chicago/Wheaton/Winfield Chapter. The variety is just amazing! There are so many different colors and patterns to pick from! Boys and girls of all ages are sure to love these blankets!

Also, February 6th marked another successful Delivery Day for our Senior Citizen Project! The dedication of our volunteers continues to amaze us! HSP is happy to report an expanded branch of our Senior Citizen Project! We are now offering a Holiday Meal Program to our seniors year round. Our seniors can request that a holiday meal be delivered to their home by an HSP volunteer. For example, seniors will be visited by volunteers bringing purchased or homemade meals this Sunday for Valentine's day! We are so pleased that our seniors are so excited for this new addition. It's so encouraging that so many people want to reach out and spend some quality time with our seniors!
In addition, February brought the annual Service Learning Fair at College of DuPage. I was privileged to respresent HSP at the fair and loved the opportunity to share with students what it is we do here! The Service Learning Fair allows students who need to do Service Learning to hear about different organizations they can get join in order to fulfill those requirements. We have some students who joined HSP already!

Last, but certainly not least, here is a photo of Aniya and her new bike that we mentioned last week! An extremely generous sponsor donated a beautiful new bike, which is exactly what Aniya wished for! It was great to see her ride the bike around the snowy parking lot before she took it home! Happy Birthday Aniya!

Well, that just about wraps it up. More updates are soon to come!

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