Thursday, December 3, 2009

Her Support is "Perfect"!

By: Stephanie Ferrini and Eva Karakostas, Interns
and Shelia, Staff

This time of year, the Humanitarian Service Project counts our blessings and one of those blessings is long time supporter Marylou Johnson. Over the years, Marylou has sponsored several children through our Children's Birthday Project and has been a secret pal for a senior citizen married couple through our Senior Citizen Project. She has volunteered and became a devoted member of our 'Pot of Gold' program.

When Marylou was a teenager, she had a group of four close friends. They were in the drum and bugle corps together. They would sit on the back of the bus and called themselves the "perfects." Fifty years later, the "perfects" still get together for a luncheon every year. This Christmas the group decided that instead of giving each presents, they would donate $54 to sponsor a child in our Children's Birthday Project. Their gift provides a 25 pound box stuffed with new toys, books, stuffed animals, school suppilies, and the party-in-a-bag with the ingredients for a happy birthday party celebration.

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