Monday, November 16, 2009

Spreading Joy, One Teddy Bear at a Time

By Laura Saad, Intern

Most people remember their favorite childhood toy, and the memories attached to it are always cherished. Maybe it was a doll, a toy truck, or even a game. Whatever object of merriment it was, there's no doubt that it provided hours of amusement and happiness.

Imagination can be encouraged at an early age, and what better way to do so then with a cute plush toy, dressed in a fun and unusual outfit? RSM McGladrey recently donated a large supply of Build-a-Bears to HSP's Children Birthday Project. While the company is actually based in Minnesota, the staff was out attending a training conference at the Q Center in St. Charles. The Build-a-Bear was one of the activities the staff participated in during their stay. Build-a-Bear animals are extra special because they are individually designed by their builder, and a tiny red heart is lovingly stuffed inside. Volunteer, Maureen Kahn, was kind enough to pick the stuffed animals up and deliver them to HSP. We are very excited to be able to distribute these adorable plush toys to children in the program.

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